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Load Flow Contingency

This module is designed to assist in power flow related static contingency analysis. It operates in conjunction with the power flow analysis modules of CYME / CYMDIST 5.02 and higher versions of the program. With it, the power engineer can create contingency events and single- or multiple-outage scenarios, and compare results with the base case network data and connectivity.

The analytical approach used by the Load Flow Contingency module is the same as the power flow modules of CYME / CYMDIST. In other words, the contingency analysis is performed using full AC power flow solutions with no DC approximations. The module features the sequential solution of all contingencies in a single run.



Load Flow Contingency


Analytical Capabilities

The Load Flow Contingency module is structured so that an unlimited number of “what-if” scenarios, without the actual modification of the base case data and connectivity, can be included in a given contingency study. All contingency-related system modifications refer to the base case network. Single outages and/or multiple outages/modifications can be concurrently defined to represent an adverse contingency analysis scenario.

This includes the following:

  • Modify loads globally, individually or by zone
  • Modify generation globally, individually or by zone
  • Connect and disconnect sections
  • Modify shunts
  • Add and remove induction and synchronous motors

Contingency N-1, N-2, N-3

With this option, you can define a group of single-, double-, or triple-section outage contingency studies. The network sections can be selected along with the combination of up to three elements per contingency. The program will create the desired group automatically, including the corresponding studies.

Contingency Ranking

This feature allows you to add or eliminate contingency indexes (ranking) to the tabular report. This contingency ranking methodology is for the automatic ranking, selection of contingency cases and for the identification of the most severe contingencies.


Contingency Ranking

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CYMDIST - Distribution System Analysis

CYMDIST can perform several types of analysis on balanced or unbalanced three-phase, two-phase and single-phase systems that are operated in radial, looped or meshed configurations. The base module includes per-phase voltage drop and power flow analysis, fault calculations (fault flows and fault voltages), protective device coordination (by interfacing with CYMTCC), optimal capacitor placement and sizing, load balancing and load allocation/estimation.

CYMDIST has the following optional additional modules:

CYMDIST, Distribution System Analysis
CYMDIST Network Forecaster
CYMDIST Advanced Project Manager
CYMDIST (EPM), Energy Profile Manager
CYMDIST (SOM), Switching Optimization
CYMDIST (HARMO), Harmonic Analysis
CYMDIST (RAM), Reliability Assessment
CYMDIST (CAM), Contingency Analysis

CYMDIST (SUB/SUBNET), Substations and Sub-network

Modeling and Analysis

CYMDIST (SNA), Secondary Network Analysis
ARC FLASH, Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
CYMDIST (MAP), Map Overlay

CYMDIST Gateway, Creation and Maintenance of

CYMDIST Distribution Network Model

CYMTCC, Protective Device Coordination
CYMGRD, Substation Grounding


PSAF - Network Analysis

PSAF - Network Analysis

Power Systems Analysis Framework

Power Systems Analysis Framework (PSAF) is an integrated power systems analysis software package that includes the Graphic User Interface, Data Base Manager, and Electrical Equipment Parameter Estimation for creating the Network one-line diagram and associated database.
PSAF has the following optional additional modules:
CYMFLOW, Power Flow Analysis
CYM-AC, Contingency Analysis
CYM-Motor Start, Motor Starting Analysis
PSAF, Line Parameters Calculation
PSAF, Cable Parameters Calculation
CYMFAULT, Short Circuit Analysis
CYMOPF, Optimal Power Flow Analysis
CYMSTAB, Transient Stability Analysis
CYMVSTAB, Voltage Stability Assessment
WECS, Wind Energy Conversion Systems
CYMHARMO, Harmonic Analysis
CYMLINE, One Line Diagram
ARC FLASH, Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
CYMTCC, Protective Device Coordination
CYMGRD, Substation Grounding Grid Design and Analysi
PSAF is directly applicable to both utility-type and industrial three-phase electric power systems.
CYMCAP - Cable Ampacity Calculation

CYMCAP - Cable Ampacity Calculation

CYMCAP is designed to simulate the thermal behavior of power cable installations. The original version of this package was developed jointly by Ontario Hydro (Hydro One), McMaster University and CYME International, under the auspices of the Canadian Electricity Association.

CYMCAP has 10 optional additional modules:

CYMCAP-MDB, Multiple Duct Banks
CYMCAP-OPT, Duct Bank Optimizer
CYMCAP-SCR, Short Circuit Cable Rating
CYMCAP-CIT, Cables in Tunnels
CYMCAP-EMF, Magnetic Fields
CYMCAP-MCAS, Multiple Casings
CYMCAP-ZMAT, Cable Impedance Calculation
CYMCAP-XING, Cable Crossing
CYMCAP-RTTR, Real Time Temperature Rating
CYMCAP-CHOTE, Cable Historical Operating Temperature Estimator
EMTP-RV - Transients

EMTP-RV - Transients

The world’s most full-featured Simulation and Analysis program
for Power System Transients


EMTP-RV is a comprehensive software for the simulation
of electromagnetic, electromechanical and control systems transients in multiphase electric power systems.

It features a wide variety of applications in simulation of power systems  transients from microseconds to seconds.


EDS Products Overview

EDS Products Overview

EDS (Elecdes Design Suite) consists of several I&E programs and several utility programs.

The I&E programs are used by instrument and electrical designers for creating diagrams, reports and databases to document their designs. The utility programs are used within EDS for the purposes of learning about EDS and also viewing, editing and printing the designers documents.

Below is a list of these programs. Click on the heading to view a detailed data sheet of each program including a summary features list.


CYMTCC - Protective Device Coordination

CYMTCC - Protective Device Coordination

CYMTCC addresses Time Over-Current protection for Industrial, Commercial and Distribution Power systems. The program comes with an extensive database of over 5000 protective devices that are easily called to produce Time-Current curve plots and device settings reports. It also features a unique Coordination wizard to suggest protective device settings/adjustments and ratings.


CYMTCC can be used with:

PSAF, Power System Analysis Framework

CYMDIST, Distribution System Analysis